A new source of help for ZAP


We are so pleased that Joe Braitch (recently retired engineer and troubleshooter) and his wife Mary have recently thrown their lot in with ZAP; their support being both financial and practical. Not only have they been extremely generous in more ways than one, but Joe has undertaken to help with the setting up of the new Jambiani Autoworks and to keep a watching brief over the Jambiani Fundi Workshop on their impending visit to Zanzibar. Joe has many years of experience which he will bring to bear on ZAP’s behalf, and he and Mary are lugging 2 extra suitcases with them, courtesy of British Airways, filled with quality tools for our motor mechanics. Joe and Mary hope to officially open the Jambiani Autoworks in February as official ZAP representatives.

Not only that – but Joe has purchased a new motor for the Jambiani water pump which ‘blew up’ after the dreadful power outage last year. He, together with Mr Pandu and Hans Ehrentraut (good friend and employer of ZAP fundis who is now permanently based in Zanzibar), are to oversee the installation of the new motor and control board, trying their best to ensure that the future of the water pump (funded by kind ZAP supporters, and donated to the village) is secure and trouble free.
Mr Vuai is also looking forward to Joe’s visit and the depth of experience he will bring to the whole JFW project – we thank him very, very much for his input and will keep our supporters abreast of his progress in Jambiani.

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