Students write to say Thank You to ZAP


Recently, we have received some letters of appreciation from ZAP students in Zanzibar and further afield. Here is an extract written by Nemshi, who gained a top scholarship to an overseas University, with examination results that were the highest in the whole of the island:
‘Hi Mama Janie….I started my course on November 1st and I frankly appreciate your support since I have come all this way from Jambiani. I am very proud of you and Mr Pandu…what you do is critically important to any community…we are together for any question of development of Jambiani and Zanzibar in general, and I am very happy since my teacher Mr Vuai told me that you remembered me. Thank you so much.’
…and here is another from a Form VI pupil’s email:
‘Hello Mama Janie…..I am very happy now. We Form VI students stay all together in the same house….making good preparation for our exam…. due to ZAP and its crucial help for us, we promise we will pass our exam.’
It is worth remembering that without the financial support ZAP gives these young people they would absolutely not be able to continue with higher educationZAP rents their boarding house, helps out with living and travelling costs by means of annual bursaries, and pays the fees which all the students have to find for examinations and university applications.
The girls of Headington school have contributed significantly to this project, as have Mark and Izzy Wren, and we are grateful also to Mr Vuai and Mr Pandu without whose constant watchfulness and pastoral care ZAP’s higher education students would have much less chance of success.

ZANZIBAR ACTION PROJECT is a Registered Charity in the UK No. 1108030