Headington girls enjoy hospital tour


July 2012 saw the third visit to Jambiani of a group of schoolgirls from Headington School, Oxford. A new group of students raise money each year for ZAP which goes towards the bursaries that we provide for students in higher education in Stone Town. The girls are able to spend a whole week with their counterparts in Jambiani, and this mentoring system really benefits both groups. As part of their experience of life in Zanzibar, ZAP was delighted to be able to arrange for this year’s students to visit to the hospital in the neighbouring village of Makunduchi. This hospital has seen great improvements recently, thanks to the charity HIPZ (Health Improvement Program Zanzibar – www.hipz.org.uk). Here is a short report from one of the Headington teachers:
Visit to Makunduchi Hospital July 2012
Dr Chris Goes together with ZAP charity invited us to visit the hospital at Makunduchi as part of our stay in the local village of Jambiani.
In the summer of 2011 we were fortunate to be allowed to visit the hospital in the main capital of Zanzibar – Stone town. As westerners this was particularly enlightening. The staff were all working together towards good health for the local residents of Stone Town and it was the main hospital for Zanzibar. The staff were hardworking and worked in very difficult conditions with limited resources but were extremely proud of their hospital. At the time when we visited we were shown around the maternity unit. This was a very busy area with long queues of pregnant ladies; the staff managed very well in these difficult surroundings but there was inevitably a chaotic air. The area was incredibly crowded as a consequence and the beds were basic with mothers and babies sharing beds using kangas as sheets, family members bringing in food, no mosquito nets. Surprisingly the maternal death and baby death was fairly low considering the conditions. Resources were limited as was medication.
In contrast we visited Makunduchi hospital in the summer of 2012. We were given an excellent introduction to the hospital aims and objectives and the current goals which it has been successful in achieving by Dr Chris Goes. This has been developed with the support of HIPZ. This rural hospital, complete with local cats and chickens running around, has developed the maternity hospital and local drop in clinic. This has been successful in bringing down maternal and baby deaths almost to zero (at the time we were visiting). The immediate contrast with the Stone Town hospital was apparent. The spotless tiled floors and surrounding areas were the most immediate difference. The impressive organisation of the transport of pregnant women in an ambulance and smooth admission procedures obviously shows how well the hospital organisation works. The staff were extremely proud of what they have achieved and rightly so. The new sterile operating theatre allowed successful operations to occur and the competent well trained surgeon had obviously contributed to the minimal death rate and reduction in pre-natal deaths. Caesareans could now be carried out in time, when they were necessary, saving lives of mothers and babies (particularly in relation to pre-eclampsia problems). The recent blood transfusion collection service using the ambulance service was also impressive and contributed to the survival rate in surgery. The strong support from HIPZ has led to a well organised, well run hospital contributing to the better health and welfare of the local communities of Makunduchi. The contribution of the services of the dentist also seemed to be hugely successful.
We hope to revisit Jambiani next year and look forward to seeing what further improvements the clinic can make. We feel privileged to have been allowed to visit Makunduchi hospital.
Jo Quirk
August 2012
Our photo gallery here has more photos of the visit, as well as many more pictures from this year’s Headington trip to Zanzibar

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