Summer 2012 field trip

Laden with suitcases packed full of gifts from ZAP supporters and essential supplies, Janet and her able assistant, husband Graham, arrived in Jambiani on 5th July for a hectic two-week trip. The brief included liaison for the third Headington School trip, as well as checking up on ZAP projects in the village. Here is Janet's report:


“Fortunately the weather was kind to us, as it was at the end of the rainy season with only two showers during the whole trip. Emails from home mentioned lots of rain – we did feel sorry for you, but not for long!
We were warmly welcomed at Zanzibar airport by Mr Pandu, and after the usual visit to the markets to pick up food, including fish and loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, we made the 1½ hour drive across the island to Jambiani. I was especially delighted to see familiar places again, and could not wait to meet friends and contacts from previous visits.
Word soon got round the village that we had arrived, and it was not long before the first visitors turned up to say hello. Mohammed Simai, the ZAP-trained refrigeration and air-conditioning engineer, was the first to welcome us, and it was great to hear that he is now well established in the village. As leader of the ZAP fundis he reported that while some of the young men are working full time, others like him have had to diversify to earn a living. A very enterprising young man, he fills in time between RAC work with jobs such as computer maintenance, and is also co-ordinating the solar power project for ZAP supporters Joe and Mary Braitch.
The Headington School visit was a resounding success.  A new group of students raise money each year for ZAP which goes towards the bursaries that we provide for students in higher education in Stone Town, and the rental of a suitable Boarding House. The girls are able to spend a whole week with their counterparts in Jambiani, and this mentoring system really benefits both groups. Some 16 local students came over from the Boarding House for the week, helping the 12 Headington girls to experience real everyday life in Zanzibar. The local students certainly appreciate the opportunity to improve their English, and even managed to discuss subjects such as physics and biology during their afternoon mentoring sessions. They were also delighted when Headington offered to provide much-needed supplies for the Boarding house – extra mattresses and mosquito nets, even a new kettle. Form V student Haji Ali wrote afterwards: “On behalf of my fellow students we congratulate you … because we all learnt a lot of things”.  And Ali Mustafa Nemshi emailed to say: "I hope you, Headington girls and their teachers enjoyed the week ... I send thanks to all of you for a lovely field trip to our beautiful village".
Highlights of the project included a visit to Makunduchi Hospital, and one of the teachers has written a separate report on this which you can read on our News page here. They also brought out a huge quantity of supplies for the Nursery Schools, the Jambiani Clinic and the hospital, and there are more photos of the visit on our Gallery page here. During our trip I was delighted to hear that two students from the Boarding House are applying for University this year, and ZAP is once again planning to help with funding for their applications. ZAP is now funding extra English lessons for Form V and VI students, and sent out textbooks for the English teacher for me to deliver as well as two valuable laptops for the students.
It was lovely to meet Dr Hamza again at the Jambiani Clinic, and to witness the handover to the dentist of a new autoclave (steriliser) funded by the Headington School project. This is a vital piece of equipment for the clinic, and will be used by the dentist on his regular weekly visits, as well as being available for general use.
The Sewing Ladies continue to provide much-needed lessons for village ladies, and the new practice room in Mr Pandu’s house is proving very popular.
Mr Pandu and I spent an enjoyable afternoon setting up his new printer. He is a very quick learner, and hopefully will be able to scan his accounts and reports and send them to us much more easily now.
Finally, Graham and I were thrilled to be able to organise the purchase and delivery of two large swings, one each for the poorest Nursery Schools in the north of the village where there is no play equipment at all. Mr Pandu asked for some parents to help with unloading, and I was amazed to see crowds of villagers who turned up to help! One swing is now in use, with the other waiting for the fences to be reinforced before final installation, to prevent misuse by older children as has happened at other Nursery Schools.
As usual it was incredibly rewarding to be able to deliver help directly to its target, and to see the full effect of ZAP’s support in action. We hope to have further reports on ZAP projects in our next newsletter which will be published soon, but in the meantime please do take a look at the latest pictures on our Gallery here.”
Janet, August 2012


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