Stuff a suitcase!

Our intrepid administrator Janet Lane undertook a solo trip to Zanzibar in March, coinciding with the Headington School annual trip. Janet was not content with just taking out a microscope, a blood pressure monitor and diabetes testing strips. She also stuffed her suitcases with a variety of items which are either not easily available or comparatively expensive out in Zanzibar. These included office supplies for the hospital (staplers, pens), tiny hats for newborn and premature babies and dozens of pencils for the village primary school.

Thanks to ZAP supporter Joe Braitch, Janet was able to take out (with help from the Headington School group) a further 400 pairs of recycled spectacles for the hospital’s optical department. These were donated by Chichester Lions Club who organise the cleaning, grading and redistribution of old glasses - now you know where they end up!
The Headington School group once again took out several bags of supplies for both the village clinic and the hospital, and huge quantities of educational supplies for the nursery schools.
We are often asked by people planning a visit to Zanzibar for suggestions to fill any spare space in their bags. Dr Hamza at Jambiani Clinic is always grateful for donations of basics such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, bandages and surgical gloves, while the charity based at Makunduchi Hospital (HIPZ) has lists which we can pass on, including specialist medicines and instruments. Stationery is appreciated everywhere – marker pens for the teachers, pencils and exercise books for the children, while higher education students welcome things like folders and memory sticks. We even manage to take out laptops from time to time!
There are many more photos of this field trip on our gallery – please do take a look here 

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