Update on ZAP's support for Jambiani Primary School

Improvements in Teaching

The two ZAP-sponsored teachers (Maths and English) have been working in Jambiani Primary School for several months, and we can now report on some excellent feedback, both from the school head Mr Topu and from an independent assessor brought in by ZAP.

Recruited from the island's teacher training college, the inspector was most impressed with teaching methods used and results obtained. Here is an extract from his report:
  • "They attend punctually - evidence from attendance books and permanent teachers.
  • They don't miss their periods.
  • They give exercises to students and books are neat and well corrected."
The inspector confirmed that standards have risen considerably, with end-of-term exam results going up from average 36.4% to 46.3% in English, and from 24.4% up to 40.4% in Maths.  

We were also delighted to receive the following from Mr Topu:

 "I would like to inform ZAP members that as time goes, the improvement of Jambiani primary school increases, mostly contributed by ZAP. On the side of education we have stepped forwards and become like a mirror for other schools in Zanzibar.

Two weeks ago we were visited by group of 15 inspectors from the Ministry of Education. The inspectors were pleased by our effort of making change ... praised ZAP to help this school and make great progress."

Further proof of the success of this project comes with the news that three pupils have passed the exam to go to primary school in Stone Town, and another two were selected to take part in the Zanzibar maths and science competition. Both of these are firsts for Jambiani Primary School since it opened in 1953, and amazing news - all thanks to ZAP, according to Mr Topu. 

Teacher training of the permanent staff continues though this is more difficult to arrange as many of the teachers have other jobs to go to at the end of the school day, to supplement their salary. The inspector echoed our own request to all the staff to make use of this facility.

We will be arranging a further inspection of the teachers later in the year to check on progress, but we are extremely gratified to see that this new initiative is already making a real difference.

New Computer Studies Room

ZAP has also provided further funds to finish off the new computer room with proper windows to keep out the dust, and the ZAP carpenters have built suitable computer desks. This should go a long way to make up for the lack of resources provided by the government when they introduced the new curriculum.

Exercise books

It is a sad observation that young children in Zanzibar cannot attend primary school unless they buy their own exercise books and pencils (hence the constant begging for "penny-school" which is actually "pen - school"). Last November Janet took out 500 pens, 500 pencils, and purchased 1,000 exercise books, all of which could be given out free of charge to children who needed them. We recently received a request from Mr Topu for more books. In his words:

"Some pupils stopped to come here because of losing their books but in this moment the attendance has improved while books are obtained free of charge. This service of ZAP motivated pupils to come learning willingly."

We have now authorised a further supply of exercise books, and we would like to thank all our supporters for helping us to fill this basic need.

As always, our local director Mr Pandu visits the school regularly to monitor ZAP projects, and we are extremely grateful for his wise advice and recommendations.


ZAP Directors

May 2014


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