Education update from ZAP

EDUCATION - Primary School

The ZAP-sponsored extra teaching scheme has been most successful;  the Maths results in particular were outstanding, as can be seen in the following results table from one of Mr Jaffar's classes:

Standard 6 Class
N = GOOD PASS (45 - 69)
N = SIMPLE PASS (44 - 35)

N = BAD PASS (34 – 0 MARK)


N = EXCELLENT PASS (70 - 100)


Fortunately, the excellent Maths teacher Mr Jaffar has applied for a further year’s employment, which Mr Topu, the Head Master is thrilled about.  The English teacher has now retired, and will be replaced next year by a younger man, who has the full approval and recommendation from Mr Topu and Mr Pandu.   This valuable extra teaching has been made possible by Julia Upton’s  legacy, and by the continued support from her friends and colleagues, for which we are deeply grateful. 

More Primary school support included the supply of 1,500 exercise books. Mr Topu has often commented on the improvement in school attendance when he is able to distribute these free of charge - a sad indication of just how poor the village families are, when the children do not go to school because they cannot afford the few pence that an exercise book costs.

By special request, ZAP sponsored a school study tour to Stone Town, enabling a large group of children to learn about Zanzibar's history through a real hands-on experience. They visited the old slave market and the People's Palace museum among other places, and we are eagerly awaiting a short DVD of their day out.

Higher education results are coming in now, with the five ZAP bursary students in Form VI all doing well and writing to thank ZAP for supporting them.  They all hope to get into college or university, and we wish them every success in their future studies. The boarding house now houses our remaining bursary students - seven boys and girls in Form V, and they are awaiting their year end results. We are hopeful that they will all do well enough to continue into Form VI, and we have promised to continue their bursaries for another year if they do so.

All our students currently at Universities and colleges will be supported until the end of their degree courses;  without ZAP’s financial input they would simply never have this chance, which by all accounts they are grabbing with both hands.  Janet receives regular emails, in which they always express their gratitude, and their determination to make the most of their opportunities.  We are very proud of our record in this particular project and to all our generous supporters for making it possible. 

FIELD TRIP – November

Finally, since Pat’s health has not improved,  Janet and her husband Graham are travelling to Jambiani once more in November as ZAP’s representatives.  They will be overseeing the winding up of specific  projects –  the majority of which (initiated over 10 years ago now) have happily become independent and self-sustainable.

The Nursery Schools, however, are an exception in that they cannot be self-supporting, and we are currently in very positive talks with a possible future benefactor – watch this space for future updates, because this particular project is, we know, close to everyone’s hearts.

ZAP will shortly be able to announce very positive news about one Nursery School in particular – Millat Ibrahim, the poorest and most needy of all.  Again as a direct result of Julia Upton’s legacy we are optimistic that this school – ejected from their original premises last year -  will at long last be re-located into a permanent and very suitable location.  The Lanes visit is very timely, and further updates will follow.  

ZAP Directors, August 2014


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