Celebrating a successful field trip

The Lanes (‘Mama Janet’ and ‘Baba Graham’) undertook a most successful Field Trip to Jambiani recently.  Disappointingly, the new Nursery School – Millat Ibrahim – is not quite finished, so they couldn’t  attend the Grand Opening as planned.  Renovations have taken longer than anticipated and (what a surprise!) also cost more than estimated.  However, it is all looking good and the Lanes organised some cunning shelf dividers for the classrooms, to be built by ZAP carpenters, and gave permission for some other necessary jobs, such as planting banana trees for shade in the playground.  The school hopes to move in the next few weeks, so watch this space!

 Janet and Graham give encouraging reports on all ZAP projects, and were particularly pleased to be able to congratulate both Moh’d Pandu and Nabawia’s daughter, Kudura on attaining their University degrees.  A great accomplishment for Jambiani village.



Mr Pandu was delighted to receive some super football strips, kindly sent out in Janet’s baggage by a ZAP supporter.


Visit our photo gallery for lots more photos of the field trip, and to see progress at the new nursery school. The rest of ZAP’s projects receive full coverage in our bumper Christmas Newsletter, to be published very shortly.



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