Brand new nursery school opens

Jambiani Nursery School gets fantastic new premises

Thanks to the wonderful legacy left by Julia Upton, whose wish was that it should be used for education Jambiani, ZAP decided to endow and rehouse Millat Ibrahim, the neediest and most neglected of the nursery schools in Jambiani.   Evicted from their original premises to make way for development, the children at this very poor school had been occupying temporary rented property, with only the most basic facilities.   We asked Mr Pandu to find suitable, more permanent premises and in September 2014 we negotiated a 10 year lease on some abandoned buildings originally intended as a chicken factory.  

Major refurbishment was obviously in order, and this took several months and cost a great deal more than initially estimated. The buildings were empty shells, and renovations have included:  roof repairs; toilet block; new kitchen for porridge preparation; new water pipe (a mammoth job!); fly-screens on the windows; perimeter wall topped by broken glass for security; strong gates; interior painting and new flooring;  shelves, tables, desks, chairs and storage units built by ZAP carpenters; outside walls plastered and painted;  new signage; a productive little garden area (already yielding veg and fruit!); resurfaced entrance drive; sleeping policemen on the road, and finally a bang up to date solar system for lights and power. 

In addition to all this, ZAP has provided a great deal of educational material - including blackboard, books and pens – and a seesaw in the playground to supplement the existing swings.

The school was opened with a grand ceremony on 2nd January 2015 and currently has 90 pupils. Mr Pandu has worked extremely hard on this project both in organising the lease and in sheer hard labour.  He had the backing and support of the Village Committee and the delighted parents. 

We are very proud indeed that we have been able to provide this superb new facility for the village as part of our organised withdrawal from Jambiani this year. Our ambition was to bring  Millat Ibrahim up to the standard of other schools in the village, and the result has far exceeded our expectations.   Please take a look at the photographs of the renovations on our Photo Gallery by clicking here

ZAP Directors
February 2015


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