Dr Hamza is presented with a new Vespa as a Goodbye present from ZAP

Since the very beginning, ZAP has been committed to improving medical services in Jambiani;  as  retired GPs, Pat Preece – together with Dr Ian Campbell - hit it off immediately with Dr Hamza, head of the village clinic, and ever since he has been our close friend and colleague.   With his encouragement and the support of the village committee, of whom he is a key member, we have been instrumental in funding many very significant improvements at the clinic, as well as supplying it with modern equipment and emergency supplies. 

Details of ZAP’s extremely successful medical projects, which have made a difference to the health of so many people, can be found in the centre pages of our recent Newsletter on the ZAP website.  ‘Bega kwa bega’ (shoulder to shoulder in Swahili) has always been our motto, and exactly describes the nature of our relationship with Dr Hamza.

Incredibly hard working, popular and totally committed to the health and wellbeing of his community, his dedication - effectively combined with ZAP’s constant financial support over 11 years - resulted in the Jambiani Clinic becoming well known in the area, attracting patients from far and wide.   Ironically, one feels that it is this success which prompted the Powers that Be in the Ministry of Health to transfer Dr Hamza to the University where he now holds a teaching post.   A new team of doctors has taken over the clinic and since this development coincides with ZAP’s gradual withdrawal from the village it seemed the right time to leave it to others to carry on the good work.

Fortunately Dr Hamza still resides in the village and has opened an independent clinic where he works part-time.  However, his beloved motorbike – supplied originally by ZAP, and on which he has made so many vital home visits up and down the village for all these years – had perforce to be left behind.  In recognition, therefore, of his outstanding service and of his intention to continue serving his community ZAP Directors made the decision to buy him a new Vespa as a parting gift.  Needless to say, this is his joy and delight.

A grand presentation was organised by Mr Pandu and was attended by many local village big-wigs, including the Sheha – the village chief.

Dr Hamza continues to keep in touch with us regularly, and we know that all ZAP supporters will join with us in saying a big ‘thank you’ to this very special man.

ZAP Directors
April 2015


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