Nursery school visitors see legacy results

We are delighted to bring you a report of the visit by Rachel Payne and her family to Jambiani in July. Rachel was a friend of the late Julia Upton, so we were able to arrange for her to visit the new Millat Ibrahim nursery school which is dedicated to Julia's memory, and which has been mainly funded by Julia's legacy.

Our local manager Mr Pandu showed the family around the nursery school, and one can see from the pictures how much this visit meant both to the visitors and to the children.


Along with her father and her children, Rachel also saw the Fundi Workshop, and was able to meet some of the young tradesmen that ZAP has trained.

Finally the party visited the village primary school where the headmaster Mr Topu showed them some of the areas where ZAP has been working to improve conditions, including the provision of many school desks and the completed computer room.


We are grateful to Mr Pandu for giving them such a good tour. It was apparently very emotional for Rachel to see for herself  the  lasting legacy her friend has left in Jambiani; it also provided a great opportunity for the village people to meet another one of Julia’s friends.



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