News Update

Pat and Janie are delighted that their summer trip to Zanzibar is now back on. A busy schedule as usual; starting in Dar es Salaam with an important meeting at VSO Headquarters (see separate news item), and then on to Jambiani where things will be particularly busy, especially at the skuli. All ZAP ongoing projects will be re-visited and assessed, and discussions will begin regarding the new Workers' Co-operative and the Disabled Fish project. 
A fantastic response from ZAP supporters to our emergency water pump appeal during Mr Pandu’s visit has resulted in his being able to order a new pump of good quality. The water pump will now be owned and maintained in a public/private partnership with the Village, who raised $2,000 themselves. The Government has agreed to waive VAT and other taxes, and to install it free; we received a complimentary letter from the Minister concerned who acknowledged the efforts of ZAP in this emergency.
Everything is ‘pole pole (slowly, slowly) in Africa’, but a delegation of the Jambiani village committee, spearheaded by Mr Pandu, has been pushing for speedy action and we are crossing fingers that the water is restored during our trip.
VSO – A NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH ZAP – plus 2 more volunteer teachers!
The appointment of a VSO ‘Teacher/Adviser’ represents a quantum leap forward for ZAP and has been thoroughly welcomed by Mr Maabad and the rest of the staff.     Liz Rose is a highly qualified and experienced lady who will be attached to Jambiani School for 1-2 years concentrating on Teacher Training, particularly in the Maths Department, and she will be moving to Jambiani at the end of July.
We are also pleased to report that 2 teachers from Vancouver, Simon and Nan Oliver, will arrive in Jambiani at the end of September to teach at the school for six months. We anticipate that these steps will considerably raise the level of secondary school education in the village;  as Mr Maabad said to Liz when she visited Jambiani:  'we are hungry for education - so please feed us!'.
Others visiting Jambiani this summer will be doctors  David and Liz Knight who (with their G.P. partners), are paying for the training of a young Zanzibari man in Medical School in Dar.   Also Linda and Robin Clarke, star ZAP fund-raisers from Bexhill will be visiting in August, bringing with them another welcome assignment of baby clothes and spectacles. 
They will all get a big welcome in the village and we shall ask them to post their impressions on the website upon their return.

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