WATER PROJECT - sub-villages: UP & RUNNING!!

AT LONG LAST!  An entirely new water project installation for the poor sub-villages of Jambiani - begun in April 2007, and representing a monumental task by Mr Vuai - has finally  been completed and a clean, fresh water supply has been piped directly to the area for the first time. With no government aid, but with the help of a number of small charities and a contribution of £1000 from the villagers themselves, the task of raising funds needed - about £50,000 in the end - was a daunting one.  In addition, Vuai has had to wade through miles of red tape, and put pressure on many officials to achieve his end.

The health of some 3000 villagers, constantly threatened up to now by disease linked to contaminated water supplies, is set to improve enormously;  almost as importantly, their back-breaking daily grind of humping water containers for up to 3 miles is over.  A new water pump, 3 kilometre pipe-line, huge new concrete water tower and piped water to stand-pipes down the main street represents an enormous achievement for Mr Vuai, a local resident and computer teacher for ZAP.  He emailed us: 'I am very, very tired but happy...........please send this information to all ZAP people in the UK and to KTCT (John Humphrys Kitchen Tables Charities Trust, which gave ZAP a grant for this project of £5,000)'.  

ZAP Water Pump - north Jambiani - progress on this is good: watch this space!

ZANZIBAR ACTION PROJECT is a Registered Charity in the UK No. 1108030