A Day's Outing

Liz and Nan decided that there were some very hard-working people in Jambiani who were much in need of a treat – a whole ‘day off’. They included our Mr Pandu, his wife Basira, the Ladies Sewing Class teachers and assorted children. It has to be said that Liz and Nan themselves fully deserved a break!

Here is a description of the day in Nan’s words:

‘There were 14 of us squished into Mr. P’s van!! - 8 children and 6 adults, and all, other than Liz and me, were dressed in their fineries!! We started the day by going to Jozani Forest – Mr. P said that he had never had a tour and of course, no one else had either. In fact, Mr. P said this was his first day off like this for over 25 years – since a school outing!

Everyone was very excited about the day and they just loved walking through the forest and seeing the monkeys. We then went to the Mangroves for our first of many, “Yum- yums”- every kind of bread you could imagine. We then went on to feed the turtles, which the children loved. From there we went to Michamvi, a beautiful beach with no coral or sea urchins – simply perfect!! … the added bonus was that it was so close!

We had a spectacular lunch that Khadija had made, with unlimited sodas. Then all the children went swimming. Eventually, “the ladies went in wading” and then Mr. P.. it just could not have been better!! Everyone had so much fun!! We feel the photo of Maryam (on one leg) dancing in the water sums the day up perfectly. This “Day Out” was completely Liz’s idea and it was simply the best.’

The pictures below speak for themselves.



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