REPORT from Mr Vuai, Computer Teacher and general Tutor (evening classes)

NB Mr Vuai, an excellent teacher, gives his time freely out of school; ZAP sponsors his computer classes, and purchases textbooks for him on an ad hoc basis.

‘This year, I have 43 students for computer and I have divided them into 4 groups (Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D), each group has two sessions per week.
I teach Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On each day I have two sessions. The first session is from 1430hrs up to 1630hrs and the next session is 1630hrs up to 1830hrs. Mama Liza is taking computer class with ladies on Wednesday.
The performance of the students is very good and I think now the people of Jambiani know the importance of Computer literacy because the parents convince their children to come to study.
My intention this year is to have 4 programmes :
1.  Introduction to Computer (Already done).
2.  Introduction to MS Window XP (Already done).
3.  MS Word (Starting next week).
4.  Internet (After MS Word).
Mama Janie, the New Computer room is brilliant room but only one thing is missing this Air Condition. Is it possible for ZAP to supply only one Air Condition?
Finally, I would like to thanks ZAP for all what it has done for the people of Jambiani. We (People of Jambiani) appreciate the work done by ZAP.  
Please send my best salaam to Baba Andrew, Daktari Pat, and all volunteers and supporters from ZAP. 

Kind regards,
Vuai Abdu Haji
Jambiani, Zanzibar
April 2009

ZANZIBAR ACTION PROJECT is a Registered Charity in the UK No. 1108030