Latest report on the JFW (Jambiani Fundi Workshop)

News of the Fundi Workshop from Jambiani - and it’s nearly all good!

Since I arrived back in Jambiani a month ago, I have had a busy time and my Steering Committee have achieved a number of successes.   

















MACollie 30/10/2009

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I should like to end by thanking the Committee of Mr Pandu, who has been working tirelessly, Mr Vuai who is providing much assistance on business systems and Mr Mrishu for his wise advice and providing our fundi with his first air conditioning units to service in Jambiani.

It has always been ZAP’s objective to enable their trained workman to be self employed, and competent in giving estimates of costs to clients, keeping proper records and submitting accurate invoices. To this end, Mr Vuai & I will be holding training evenings in the weeks to come to establish these basics and set up simple systems.  Janet Lane, ZAP’s extremely efficient office assistant in the UK is coming to Jambiani with Pat and Janie in November and we look forward to her useful input and help with this task. We will also continue to emphasise our watchwords of QUAILITY, RELIABILITY & EFFICIENCY.

All the fundis are doing exams next week, so we wish them luck, especially as they are the “finals” for all [except the plumbers], & we are looking forward to their graduation ceremony later on.

We are also investigating the best method of transport for the fundis in the future and are researching costs of purchase and maintenance for small motor bikes [known locally as piki-piki’s].  These can be fitted with quite a capacious container on the back for transport of tools.

After a long period of negotiation, we have agreed on a rental package for the headquarters/stores.  We are currently making it more secure [cost to be offset against the rent].  This will enable us to purchase tools for the fundis, which can then be kept in a safe place.  At the moment tools are provided for the electricians and plumbers on the building site.

Our Motor Mechanic fundis are continuing to work at a large and efficient Toyota garage in Stonetown, and are doing well though they are still treated as trainees.  The transition to operating a garage themselves is a big step, and will have to be handled very carefully – it cannot be rushed.  We are looking at potential sites in the locality of Jambiani, and exploring the possibility of a franchise or local agency for a large garage.  With an economic uplift such an enterprise could become viable in the medium term.

Firstly, 6 of our 7 fundis have moved on from technical college and are in gainful employment; the 7th should have work within 2 weeks. Both the Electricians and the Plumbers are working on fringe of Jambiani at a large new resort complex, where the German manager is pleased with both their level of skills & the diligence.  Air conditioning units will start to be installed within the next month, so our Refrigeration/Air Conditioning fundi is due to join them; in the interim we have secured some servicing work in local hotels.  They are all gaining valuable experience, and will build up local contacts and a reputation for good work.

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