School link Headington Girls head for Jambiani this summer

Regular subscribers will remember the successful North2South cycle ride undertaken by four teachers in 2009, when they raised a staggering £5000 for ZAP. Their efforts have inspired a trip in July this year when 11 girls doing overseas culture studies for their International Baccalaureate at Headington School will stay in Jambiani and be partnered and mentored by their opposite numbers in Forms V and VI (see article on Academy).

Luckily, Pat, Janie, Andrew and Janet will be on a Field Trip at the same time, and everyone hopes that this visit will herald close ties between the youngsters in the future. The girls are vigorously fund-raising in order to help sponsor the Jambiani pupils, and they will also be helping them with their English during the visit. Establishing links between two such different cultures is a great opportunity, and we are sure that much good will come from this initiative and are very grateful to the teachers involved.


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