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  • Train 2 nurses, now fully employed locally

  • Support for Dr Hamza – purchase and maintain motor bike

  • Supply of drugs, particularly antibiotics

  • Equip room for ‘small ops’, including aircon

  • Equip room for dentist

  • Supply generator and autoclave

  • Emergency assistance when needed 

Education – Village school

  • Supplied computers and a printer

  • Supported VSO Teacher/Adviser from July 2008 – December 2009

  • Supplied photocopier

  • Supplied all secondary school pupils with dictionaries

  • Supplied English language textbooks 

Higher Education

  • Fund two students in higher (University) education

  • Sponsor higher education through annual bursaries for Jambiani students

  • Provide good accommodation in Stone Town for all higher education students

  • Pay annual exam fees, and entry fees for University for Form VI students  

Nursery Schools

  • Supply nutritious porridge 3 days a week

  • Provide rice allowance for teachers 

Jambiani Community Academy

(‘Chuo cha Wajambiani’)

  • Established new Community Academy service, including major renovation work and complete furnishing.

  • Set up internet connection and lending library on the premises.

  • Provided desks, chairs, computers, printers, laptops and office machines

  • Employed local teacher to manage Academy and to give computer lessons

  • Classes provided free for Jambiani students in many subjects, including English

  • Supported volunteer teachers 

Sewing Ladies Co-operative

  • Set up and provide initial training for groups of local ladies to learn all sewing skills. This initiative now self-administered but with continuing financial support for the teachers

Jambiani Fundi Workshop

  • Trained for 3 years in Stone Town Colleges 9 village craftsmen – plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, carpenters and motor mechanics

  • Founded the innovative JAMBIANI FUNDI WORKSHOP. Initially funded by ZAP with the aim of becoming self-sufficient in the future



  • Supply and install new water pump for northern villages in 2008 – a ‘one off’ emergency project in response to village request, and in the absence of other funding

  • Significant contribution to the major water supply project in south villages – locally instigated and managed - 2007 

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