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African aid is a contentious subject, for many potential donors are sceptical as to how much of their money really reaches those for whom it is intended. They are anxious, too, that it should be spent not only on those most in need, but also on the projects which make the biggest difference to the community.

From the beginning, ZAP was convinced that the most effective way to provide aid is to listen to the people themselves, and as far as possible respond to their needs. We believe that we should be sensitive to the balance and culture of the community, and not impose our western values where they may do more harm than good.

We therefore worked hard to set up a partnership between ZAP and the local community in Jambiani. This was achieved through regular meetings and consultations with many of its members – from the local doctor, school teachers and village elders to the young and hopeful students, mothers, fathers, and many people who have menial, poorly-paid jobs. It has often been said that ‘every African charity should have their Mr Pandu’ – we are so fortunate to have him as our manager on the ground, running all our projects and keeping account of ZAP funds in Zanzibar.

It is very encouraging to report the successes achieved by ZAP – not only in concrete terms, but also in the acceptance and co-operation that we experience from the people themselves.

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ZANZIBAR ACTION PROJECT is a Registered Charity in the UK No. 1108030